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November 18, 2012

Scoreboard Watchers on Saturday

Saturday presents a challenge for those with a lot to play for. On one hand, the noon kickoff means there won't be much going on. On the other, there is a lot on the table. For Georgia Tech.

Tech needs help to get into the ACC title game. Thanks to their loss in September to Miami, Tech needs some help. At 5-3 the Jackets will end up, at worst, in a tie with (ineligible) North Carolina and Miami. If Duke shocks Miami, then the Jackets go. Of course, if Miami decides to self-impose a post-season ban, Georgia Tech goes. If Miami wins, then they will likely go.

My money is on Miami doing the post season ban only if they lose to Duke. They self-imposed last year. Given a chance to play FSU in the ACC Championship game would be too much for them to turn down, NCAA repercussions be damned. With a 12:30 kickoff, Tech has some scoreboard watching to do.



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