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November 19, 2012

SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 12

  1. Alabama - Over-Under on when Saban pulls his starters: Last whistle.
  2. Georgia - For the Georgia fans that have said they haven't gotten the breaks to get their shot at the BCS NCGame, Saturday night was your breaks.
  3. LSU - Les Miles: Coaching God.
  4. Florida - Needing defensive scores to beat Sun Belt teams isn't the kind of thing that gets you success against ACC division champions. Probably.
  5. Texas A&M - Seriously, how differently would we feel about this team if they don't stop running the ball against Florida in the second half.
  6. South Carolina - The Clemson game looms as possible BCS play in game. The winner looks to be a strong candidate for At-Large payday. The loser looks to be headed to the CFA bowl.
  7. Vanderbilt - Ok, so New Vandy is a thing. The Commodores actually have the chance to take their 2500 fans to Jacksonville for the Holidays.
  8. Mississippi State - Win the Egg Bowl, go to Jacksonville. Lose the Egg Bowl, go to Memphis.
  9. Ole Miss - Win the Egg Bowl, go to Nashville feeling smug. Lose the Egg Bowl, stay in Oxford feeling smug.
  10. Missouri - Wanted to rank them last for scheduling, not to mention losing to, a Big East team.
  11. Arkansas - The John L. Smith era will end with a team shower and five magnums of Dom 'for the boys.' 
  12. Tennessee - It is a bit unfair to not give Dooley the chance to be the first Tennessee coach since Bill Battle to lose to Kentucky in back to back years, don't you think? 
  13. Kentucky - Actually have them tied with Auburn, because it isn't fair to rank either 13th.
  14. Auburn - Actually have them tied with Kentucky, because it isn't fair to rank either 13th.


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