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December 4, 2012

Coaching news galore

First, Arkansas pulls the stunner by reportedly hiring Bret Beliema from Wisconsin. Before you start with 'he should want out' or whatever ponder this:
  • Bielema is from Prophetstown, Illinois (about 70 minutes from Madison) and grew up a Wisconsin fan.
  • He was recruited by Iowa to play Dline and ended up going there. He has a Hawkeye tattoo.
  • After stops at Iowa and Kansas State, he ended up at Wisconsin and became the hand picked successor to Barry Alverez.
  • He has a pretty decent recruiting base in Wisconsin, especially for the B1.5G type players he needs (read: non-athletic farm boys)
  • Presumably, as he is a well-to-do 40-something white guy with a tattoo from the mid-west, he owns a Harley.
Sorry, that just strikes me as a crazy assed hire. For both sides. To be fair, Bielema won't be put off from calling the 'Hogs after coaching in Camp Randall, what with all the noise and the lack of nutrition awareness. 

Then Auburn does the most predicable thing in the world and hires Gus Malzahn to coach the Tigers. I hope his wife gets her own radio show out of the deal, 'cause I'd listen to that.

I'll have more thoughts on both hires, but neither strike me as home runs.



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