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December 5, 2012

Georgia men's basketball fall to Tech

Dawgs lose to Tech 62-54. I'm not saying it is time to panic yet, but still....
  • KCP was our only offensive threat until Brandon Morris got hot late off the bench.
  • We gave yet another opponent a double digit first half lead due to poor shot selection, particularly poor 3 pt shot selection and % (1-9 in the first half).
  • All this..and...despite dominating Tech in the paint, we still lost by 8.
This game does give me some hope. Tech loves to run up and down the court, but Georgia was able to slow them down some (Tech only scored 11 fast break points). They also were nearly unconscious from behind the arch, hitting a ridiculous 6-10 in the first half. We out rebounded them, got young guys some important minutes and fought to withing 5 points in the final two minutes.

Still, Tech isn't a top ACC team. Will they make the NCAA tourney? I'd say they are a bubble+ team right now. If we have any hope of at least being competent in conference play, these are the types of games we have to get better at. Right now, it is hard to find reason to believe we are getting better at competing .



JJBA said...

I like your optimism but this is a bad basketball team. I was a believer in Fox from day 1 but we are right back where we were in the middle of the Felton era. I hate it for KCP because it's no fun to put up with what he has around him right now.

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