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December 18, 2012

Dawgs Win over Mercer

Not sure I'll get too many more chances to write this post this season, but Georgia beat Mercer today in a late morning game at Stegeman. It was as loud as I've seen it this season, what with the 4000 Athens area school children screaming for the Dawgs.

It seriously was like European soccer.

As for the game, Dawgs do pull out a 58-49 win over an (admittedly over matched) Mercer team.  KCP led the Dawgs with 17, while Freshman Charles Mann had 10. The Dawgs went with a younger line up, starting KCP and Donte, as well as sophomore John Cannon and Freshmen Mann and Brandon Morris. Overall, eleven players logged more than 10 minutes for the Dawgs.

The Dawgs were significantly better from the FT line (.813) and from the field (.432). We also were more selective in our shot making and ran the floor some.

I know it is Mercer, but it feels good to win one.



Mr. Sanchez said...

They did beat FSU earlier this month. So Mercer isn't bad.

Tyler Dawgden said...

RPI wise, it is a win over a better team since Mercer came into the game with around a 200 RPI,compared to our 274.

Their four wins are FSU, Furman, Chattanooga and Alabama A&M. Methinks that win is more of an indictment of FSU than evidence for Mercer.

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