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December 19, 2012

Heresy! The CFL next for Tebow?

Oh, Doug Farrar. You know exactly how to get Thom Brenneman and Skip Bayless worked up. Suggesting the CFL? He won the Heisman! All he does is win(except when he doesn't)! He is ready for the NFL!

Some of my favorite lines that are sure to make Bayless craycray:
Of course, he'd then need another NFL team willing and able to deal with his severe limitations as an NFL-level passer.
Tebow, for his part, will have to be cognizant of the fact that other NFL teams (hello, Jacksonville Jaguars) would be perfectly willing to throw him on their roster as a seat-filling mascot...
Of course, there is the praise of his 'football smarts.' Football smarts have never been his issue. His inability to hit a receiver further down-field than 14 yards and his having to QB from the windup are his issues.



Ginny said...


Dawgfan Will said...

The war on Christianity continues. When will America wake up?

Anonymous said...

Dawgfan will,
this has nothing to do with Christianity. I'm a Christan. Tebow sucks.

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