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December 11, 2012

Petrino to Western Kentucky

We didn't really expect him to stay unemployed over hiring an under-qualified but very pretty ex-volleyball player to be his personal recruiting assistant then begin to sleep with her then wreck his motorcycle and try to get it covered up and lie to his boss about it, did we? All you need to know about his employmentness as a head football coach is here: .7426.

That is his winning percentage in 8 seasons at Louisville and Arkansas.
Petrino in more lucrative times

Is there a significant potential downside in hiring him? Of course, and the AD at Western Kentucky put a great deal of his personal career credit on the line in hiring him. But if he has the success in Bowling Green he has had in Louisville and Fayetteville, then the juice will be worth the squeeze, even if he bolts for Indiana when that job opens.

When you play in a conference that is basically the SEC's personal whipping boy, going undefeated in the conference and getting to the New Orleans Bowl nearly every year is success. Potentially beating some of those SEC teams, which I believe Petrino's coaching ability can put his team in a position to do, would be huge for them.

Not to mention, #Hilltopers was a trending topic on Twitter yesterday. ESPN will have quite the eye on the WKU football program next year. Any pub is good pub and all that. Look for ESPN to have more than one Western game on a weeknight this season, if for no other reason to feature shots of Petrino kissing his wife after a win.

Hell, I figured him to go to Texas Tech, what with their dumb asses not being able to keep Tuberville there, so in that regard, Western Kentucky got a deal.



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