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December 11, 2012

Tee Martin turns down offer to return to Tennessee

(Image: Eleven Warriors)
When Tee decided to go back to LA to 'think about' the offer to return to Knoxville, you had to think this was the inevitable ending, right? We can debate how much this decision means about the state of the Tennessee program, but there is no way Butch Jones was going to out recruit Lane Kiffin on this one.

And he didn't have that pesky NCAA to hinder him.

Now, does Martin's decision to stay at Southern Cal mean Tennessee isn't the program it once was? Probably will be seen that way. However, let's just call this what it is: Lane Kiffin is a better recruiter than Butch Jones. Lane Kiffin has a long memory and will likely find some way to take a swipe at UT about this as well. Kiffin could fire Tee Martin next week, but he wasn't going to lose a coach to Butch Jones at Tennessee.

Vols, bitch!


This little bit of drama has been brought to you by Mike Hamilton.


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