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January 12, 2013

Basketball at Stegeman today

Today, Georgia will play Mississippi State at Stegeman Coliseum at 1:45pm. This is an excellent chance, perhaps the only chance for at least two weeks, to get an SEC win. While Mississippi State did beat 10-4 South Carolina at home in their SEC opener this week, that speaks more about South Carolina's ineptitude (and awful early season schedule) than the Bizzaro Dawg's competence.

There is another very important reason for packing the Steg. There will be a ton of football recruits there.
It is particularly important that the students show up and make it loud. Showing recruits that we can support our athletics programs, even through tough stretches, can be an important factor in helping them make a decision. Build excitement about the school, being a Dawg, and the excitement of being with other Dawgs.

Besides, if you want a chance to see a win, get while the getting is good.



Anonymous said...

It was ugly Tyler and PWD. Please sound the alarm. The S.S. Fox is sinking. Get off while you can!!!

Anonymous said...

What is going on with Marcus Thornton?

Has he suffered a season ending injury?

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