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January 11, 2013

Hoops: Point Guard Production

Is Mark Fox allocating minutes properly across his roster to create the maximum bang for his buck?  Consider these production per minute stats for his point guards.

FG %
Vincent Williams
Charles Mann

Mann creates about 50% more points per minute and twice as many rebounds per minute.  At the same time, he's roughly a 20% more efficient shooter from the field.  Offensively, all you're giving up with him is some freshman carelessness with the basketball.

The stats don't show defensive efficiency, but it's not like Vinnie has been a beacon on a hill of defensive dominance in his three years here.

Just saying...if it were me.  I'd stop screwing around and get Mann dramatically more chances.

BTW - I also did a comparison on Gaines vs. Brantley. However, the stats are either very close or slightly to Brantley's favor.  That came as a bit of a shock to me, but it's worth noting. 



Mr. Sanchez said...

Gaines doesn't have enough time to really make an impact.

And what I don't get is, we've seen Williams for 3 years. Never did he look like a capable starting option at the point. So why did we wait so long to recruit over him? With Fox's offense, why did we wait until Mann to give us another PG? I can't imagine Fox had seen 3 years of VW, and thought, that's a guy I can rely on to run the point in the SEC.

Anonymous said...

Vinnie Williams isn't an SEC caliber PG, plain and simple. He prob would have trouble playing at many mid majors. He was a last second signee right after Fox got here when there were no other guards left on the board that would even look our way. We are getting punished for it now. We can't put it allon Mann's shoulders either. Once again, blame piss poor recruiting.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I don't know. I think Mann can be a good SEC point guard. Will he be All-American? Not likely, but he has a ton of upside, especially as he puts some muscle on and can handle going to the basket a bit better.

Most of Mann's TOs have come on drives and lack of control, as opposed to not realizing the speed of the game. He has some maturing to do with his decision making and needs to recognize when to take shots/drives better. He shows plenty of motor and his rebound numbers shows he is putting himself in position to make plays.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Mr. Sanchez,

I think that is what drives me the most crazy about Fox. Vinnie, by all accounts, is a hard working and friendly guy. I think that has a lot to do with his playing time. Maybe Fox is trying to make a point to the freshmen about hard work and all, but again, you can make that same point in other ways.

All of that is coaching and coaching decisions. We see some of that in the post positions, as well.

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