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January 1, 2013

BCS Bowl Picks

Rose Bowl: Wisconsin v. Stanford, January 1st at 5pm, ESPN
All you need to know about this game is Stanford's rush defense. Wisconsin has done ok finding ways to run, but the rush defense they are facing is like Michigan State's. Wisconsin only gained 19 yards on the ground against the Spartans.  Wisconsin is over matched here and will lose big.

Orange Bowl: Northern Illinois vs. Florida State, January 1st at 8:30pm, ESPN
It is completely dependent on which Florida State team shows up. If the one the crapped themselves against Florida shows, they lose. If the one that played a solid game against an over matched Georgia Tech, they win. Northern Illinois will show up to play. Oh, and Florida State's schedule wasn't that much harder than Northern Illinois.

The Huskies can win this game. Seriously. If you don't think so, think Utah vs. Alabama in the Sugar Bowl. I'm just not willing to say they will.

Sugar Bowl: Louisville vs. Florida, January 2nd at 8:30pm, ESPN 
Unless Florida discovered some offense, this one could go badly for the Gators. Outside of Florida State inexplicably running the here, have the ball offense, Florida has struggled. Louisville has scored against everyone, except the last few weeks. Anyway, I guess I have to say I'd love to see the Cardinals win.

Fiesta Bowl: Oregon vs. Kansas State, January 3rd at 8:30pm, ESPN
This'll be like a NASCAR race. Just wait until the last lap to see who crashes and who pulls ahead. I like Oregon to win 77-74.


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