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January 4, 2013

Dawgs beat George Washington

It wasn't pretty, but Dawgs get it done 52-41. Neme and KCP both score 17 points and the Dawgs held GWU to 24.6% shooting. We went through a maddening 4:30+ minutes where we had a line up that didn't score any points, hadn't scored any points, were sloppy with the ball by turning it over four times, missed multiple free throws.

I'm not sure if Charles Mann is in Coach Fox's dog house or what, but it is hard to understand him only playing 19 minutes when other are in the game and are sloppy with the ball. I am thinking about Brantley's turnovers and Vincent William's missed free throws. Any way, he should never play the line up he had in during that one stretch. That was a large part of us only scoring 19 points in the first half.



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