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January 4, 2013

Isn't Missouri really the only Big12 team that moved over to SEC?

Something has been sticking in my craw about the piece Blutarsky referenced regarding Big 12 pride. Is Texas A&M, with a new coach and a new starting QB, really a Big 12 team? I guess you could say the QB was recruited into the Big 12 and Sumlin cut his teeth in the Big 12 at Oklahoma and TAMU, but there are plenty of differences to point to.

The article also fails to point out that A&M's conference schedule set them up as well as possible, as Auburn, Mississippi, Mississippi State, Arkansas, Missouri are all in the bottom half of the country in defense. Granted they played Florida, LSU and Alabama, but their OOC slate also helped them. Taking nothing from the gaudy numbers they put up, they did score big number against both OOC and SEC teams, their worst performance, and by a lot, were to those three teams.

Blutarsky also pointed out the lack of mention about Missouri's struggles and firing of offensive coordinator David Yost. Oh, yeah, about the SEC not knowing about big, fast QBs...Cam Newton and St. Timmy....



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