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January 9, 2013

Final SEC Power Poll Ballot

Without 7fan7fare7.
  1. Alabama - Blah, blah, dynasty. 
  2. Georgia - Old conventional wisdom on UGA: Never quite good enough. New conventional wisdom: 5 yards from winning national championship.
  3. Texas A&M - The only folks that had a better month than Johnny Football were the proprietors of
  4. South Carolina - Jadeveon Clowney would beat 11 Ditkas, y'all.
  5. LSU - Old Les Miles: Eccentric. New Les Miles: Worse game manger than Mark Richt circa 2001.
  6. Florida - Look for Will Muschamp, sleeper Bulldog agent coming to IFC this Spring.
  7. Vandy - Feel good bowl win. Next step, being more than king of the dipshits in the SEC East.
  8. Ole Miss - Florida wishes they could travel like Ole Miss fans do.
  9. Mississippi State - [space intentionally left the look on Dan Mullen's face]
  10. Arkansas - The Hogs won the offseason's award for most shocking coaching shit. Again.
  11. Missouri - It was very nice of David Yost to fall on the grenade, but it doesn't hide the structural issues Missouri's offense faces in finding ways to get their talented QB in a position to make plays.
  12. Tennesee - Old UT coach: sarcastic and honest. New UT coach: dry and rah!rah!. *Sigh*
  13. Kentucky - So, you play in the SEC East and your in-state rival just had a statement win in a BCS bowl? At least you have basketbal....oh.
  14. Auburn - Highlight of the season has to be putting up more of a 1st Quarter fight against Alabama than Notre Dame did.


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