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January 8, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot, Jan 6th

Once again, I'm participating in the SEC Hoops Power Poll. With the SEC being so [insert your own snark about college football power and not being good at basektball  here].

Yeah, going to be a long season of trying to decide who's suckitude means more. For the first poll, though, I get to make some educated guesses, since there have only been out of conference games. Some teams play decidedly stronger OOC games than others. Of course, some schedule patsies and still lose. I looking at you Mississippi State.

So on to my ballot:
  1. Missouri - The Tigers are rapidly trying to overtake Kentucky as the SEC's basketball program. Sorry, y'all. You'll have to suck just a bit more at football for that to happen.
  2. Florida - Losing to Arizona by one and Kansas State by six isn't that big a deal. The Gators are looking like the team that'll run all over the SEC only to lose to Denver in the first round of the NCAA.
  3. Kentucky - Really struggled here as I didn't want to over rate them for being Kentucky. 
  4. Texas A&M - Those good wins are not as blinding as that loss to Southern.
  5. LSU - I see you LSU. Pointed in the right direction. Can they keep it up?
  6. Arkansas - The win over Oklahoma looks good. They could end up being one of the surprises of the season. The game against TAMU will end up being a quite a test for them.
  7. Tennessee - Probably just the median team in the SEC, which means they'll end up losing a game to Georgia and Vandy before it is over with.
  8. Alabama - Who knows. Honestly, who? Alabama is emblematic of the SEC right now. A big win here and there peppered with head scratching losses.
  9. Mississippi - Not sure if I can make any distinctions between TAMU, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas and Tennessee.
  10. South Carolina - Yeah, I know the Gamecocks are 10-3. So is over half of the country. Their best win is Arkansas-Little Rock. The best opponent (and loss) is Elon. Think about that.
  11. Vandy - Marist. Losing to Marist. Really?
  12. Georgia - Dawgs have started winning games they should be winning. The next step is being the team that should win games instead of lose games.
  13. Auburn - The only difference between Auburn and South Carolina is that the Gamecocks have a few more wins. 
  14. Mississippi State - I'd like to say there is something positive for MSU basketball. Oh, I got one: They don't play Missouri but once this season.


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