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January 14, 2013

'Locals don't care much'

I'm engaged in an email conversation with some pretty ardent Georgia basketball fans about the future of the program. Basically, we are discussing finger on the pulse type stuff with big time donors and other athletic supporters. In light of Kevin O'Neill's dismissal at Southern Cal (for my very own snark on that go here), Mark Ennis, who covers Louisville athletics hit the nail on the head:
Absolutely nothing to argue with there. Sadly, what Mark Ennis and Dan Wolken sees is exactly what is being borne out. Locals don't care. Student's don't care. I haven't seen much evidence that the University administration proper cares, other than Dr. Adams' attendance at games.

Georgia basketball should be a jewel in the crown of UGA's athletic department instead of a punch line for USA Today bloggers. Sadly, it isn't.



Anonymous said...

I always go to several games a year and live in Atlanta. But the team we are feilding right now isn't worth the drive. If I'm in Athens for something else and they happen to play I'll go.

Normally I make a point to go to the Tech game and UF game every year. Why waste time and money to see UF beat the crap out of us next week?

UGA basketball is something I enjoy when we are at least medicore. When we are this bad its hard to get excited for something that is this pitiful.

I like CMF but I think his time has come. We deserve a competitive team and we have all the right ingridents for that. We have a great recruiting area and our facilities are top notch now. Only reason is the coach.

If we have a good team the fans will come.

Ginny said...

It's the chicken/egg situation. Will fans be invested if we start winning? Or will we only start winning with a more invested fan base? I'm sad Mark Fox couldn't turn it around. I look forward to one day fielding a competitive basketball team.

marks31 said...

I've definitely seen good attendance those years we've had good teams, so I feel like we would have sufficient interest if we could just get some consistency with the program. The problem is we don't have a team that's competitive every year. It seemed at the beginning that Fox might be a great guy to get some enthusiasm going for this program. Sadly, it seems that's not the case.

UD said...

You are out of your mind if you agree with that nonsense, and making excuses for an inferior staff and product which no one wants to pay to see, plain and simple. Stegeman was packed to the fricken rafters back in the Harrick, Jarvis & Ezra days, I know because I was sitting in the nosebleeds as we sent #2 Pitt home with a loss, chanting 'O-Ver-Rat-Ed' at them. Oh and would ya look at that, we had a team worth watching, and it was a sellout.

I haven't bothered going to a game since we beat Tech back around 05-06 or so, and why should I, living out of state now, when we haven't been worth watching since the miracle Tornado Tourney run, and to be honest hadn't been worth watching much that season either til Yata & company caught fire. Fox is Felton 2.0, yawn, even his first year or two, with actual talent like Trav & Trey, how many second half leads did we squander? Maybe one day McGarity will wake up and think about, oh, I dunno, actually trying to IMPROVE one single program, since they're basically all on the decline since his arrival. THIS is supposed to be Foley's apprentice? Looks more like a Gator plant to me. Fire Fox, Fire Perno, Fire Landers, end the mediocrity, make UGA athletics relevant again... ya know, DO YOUR JOB Greg.

todd said...

Spent a bunch of money on making basketball facilities nice. But neither the men or women can motivate people to come out and enjoy it. That's becsuse both are predictable. Nothing exciting, nothing to see. The jury is still out on gymnastics. For now, the curse of the Colisseum still lives!

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