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January 14, 2013

Women's Basektball Update

I follow Georgia's WBB team fairly closely, but I don't write much about them anymore for the simple reason that I'm afraid of getting burned again.  The past few seasons have seen Coach Lander's teams do well early and show promise into the NCAA, only to get a couple of games in and have very bad games at bad times (and in the case last year of folding up in the second half of their first round game against Marist).

We've had good players, but injuries and such have hampered those teams. Now the Lady Dawgs are in a very familiar position of being one of the top teams in the conference. Much of that is thanks to Jasmine Hassell, who was named player of the week by the SEC for her performances against Alabama and South Carolina.

What is more heartening to me is that we have three players who are scoring threats in Hassell, Jasmine James and Kaalidah Miller. You add in Shacobia Barbee and Anne Marie Armstrong's defense and you have a pretty good team working. More importantly, they have shown the ability to play the slow down grind it out (South Carolina) and the quick paced transition vs. transition games.

They still have a hump to get over, as their two losses have been...interesting. They looked woefully unready to play a mediocre Illinois team and played hard on the road against a Tennessee team that they match up well against. Fixing those kind of let downs will help lead to a deep run than the Sweet 16 this year.



Red Dawn said...

I can't get excited by any team coached by Andy Landers. His teams are like the Braves - win a lot of regular season games and fall flat on their face in the tourney. The fan support as disappeared as everyone has lost faith.

todd said...

Red Dawn is absolutely correct. UGA womens basketball used to be a spectacle even before most caught on. As great a Bulldog as Andy Landers is, I can't get over his comment about not spending his summers studying what TN is doing because he's too busy playing farmer. Good for him! He's earned the right to do what he wants. But he doesn't sound committed to winning the SEC much less the national title.

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