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January 15, 2013

SEC Hoops Blog Poll, January 13

A couple of surprises (Mississippi State and Texas A&M) and a couple of surprising 0-2 and we have a bit of clarity.
  1. Florida - Head and shoulders above everyone else right now.
  2. Ole Miss - We won't know much more about the Rebels after this week, but 2-0 and the whipping they put on Missouri has me believing for now.
  3. Texas A&M - The win at Rupp is something, but it is hard to say just how good Kentucky is right now. The Aggies are showing some promise, but they've got to put some more room between them and their OOC debacles.
  4. Missouri - It'll be interesting to see how Missouri matches up against Georgia this week. Win by 30 and I move them up. Win by less and they are pretenders to Florida's throne.
  5. Kentucky - Needed a huge break to win over a fairly bad Vandy team. Calipari has his work cut out for the Wildcats to be a lock to make the NCAA tourney right now.
  6. Arkansas - Mike Anderson's 40 minutes of hell looked more like 40 minutes of scornful silence against Texas A&M.
  7. Alabama - Gutty win at Tennessee gets the Tide pointed in the right direction. Now to not lose by 7 to   Mississippi State.
  8. Tennessee - Martin's team might be the most quixotic in the conference. Looked terrible at home against Mississippi; looked competent on the road against Alabama. 
  9. Auburn - Ok, I'll admit that 2-0 record is pretty, but their wins are 3am bar close pretty, not daytime pretty.
  10. LSU - We'll find out who is king of the dipshits with LSU taking on South Carolina and Georgia this week. Put your money on LSU.
  11. Vandy - There is room for improvement for the Commodores, but relying on officials against Kentucky isn't Stallings' best coaching move.
  12. Mississippi State - Enjoy it state fans. You have won your two conference games this season.
  13. South Carolina - Luckily, for the Gamecocks, Georgia is on the schedule twice.
  14. Georgia  - Is it signing day yet?


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