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January 16, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll, Jan 12

The poll is in. Florida and Ole Miss are unanimous 1 and 2. Georgia is not unanimous #14. There is a definite drop off after Kentucky in confidence.

1 (unanimous). Florida Gators 98
2 (unanimous). Ole Miss Rebels 91
3. Missouri Tigers 82
4. Texas A&M Aggies 75
5. Kentucky Wildcats 74
6. Arkansas Razorbacks 59
7. Alabama Crimson Tide 50
8. Auburn Tigers 45
9. Tennessee Volunteers 41
10. LSU Tigers 34
11. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 31
12. South Carolina Gamecocks 29
13. Vanderbilt Commodores 18
14. Georgia Bulldogs 8

Got to give Mississippi and Vandy some credit. Ole Miss for over coming a tough game shooting wise to win; Vandy for playing tough against a better team at home.


JAXDAWG said...

Someone please explain to me why Mississippi is able to field a very competitive bball team while we cannot. Explain to me why with the incredible inbalance of resources found in the state of Georgia vs Mississippi can yield absolutely no advantage for UGA. I would like to take a baseball bat to the glasses windows at Butts-Mehre if it would send a message that we need to get SERIOUS about men's bball. That means striving for excellence and stop f*cking around and creating excuse after excuse. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES, MAKE IT HAPPEN MCGARITY!

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