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January 10, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll, Jan 6th

My ballot is here. These votes were cast before last night's games. Due to the BCS NCG on Monday, we moved the voting deadline to Tuesday. Going forward, we'll vote on Mondays and post on Tuesdays.

1. Florida Gators 109
2. Missouri Tigers 100
3. Kentucky Wildcats 96
4. Arkansas Razorbacks 88
5. LSU Tigers 74
6 (t). Ole Miss Rebels 68
6 (t). Tennessee Volunteers
8. Alabama Crimson Tide 59
9. Texas A&M Aggies 50
10. South Carolina Gamecocks 45
11. Georgia Bulldogs 36
12. Vanderbilt Commodores 31
13. Auburn Tigers 26
14. Mississippi St. Bulldogs 10

Looks like the groupbrain had the same problems with Ole Miss, Tennessee, Alabama and A&M I did.



Anonymous said...

We are worse than Vandy and Auburn. We'll find out about Miss State on Saturday...first team to 40 wins. McGarity has got to take action at season's end.

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