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February 19, 2013

Cue the UGA has fallen behind in recruiting meme in T-5 hours...

Toby Johnson is going to chose a school today. Carvell has the details.

I fully expect him to pick Mississippi State. I'll not get into the rumors, but Carvell's article hits on some of the same stuff I'm hearing. While I'd like to see Johnson come to Georgia and think he'd prosper under Grantham, I also trust Grantham's ability to see how talent fits into his scheme. Johnson, playing at 305, would need to gain at least 25 pounds, to play in the middle and would likely need to drop some weight to play on the ends.

However, with Auburn and Mississippi State both playing 4-3, he fits well at both places at his current size. I say Mississippi State because Auburn has strong depth in the middle of their defense. Mississippi State graduated a starter and the two primary backups.

Anyway, look for the Internet to go nuts with Georgia recruiting fail articles around 2pm today.



Anonymous said...

Well, hmmmm. ;)

Anonymous said...

And he picks UGA.

Anonymous said...


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