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February 9, 2013

Grantham Staying

Yeah, so?

For five years we heard bitching about having coordinators that no one else wanted. Now we have (at least) one that other people want and folks are ready to fire him. Or at least find reason to point out that he isn't all that interesting to keep around. I'm beginning to think we, as a fan base, would rather just go 0-12 so we'd have plenty to bitch about.

Did our D have an awesome season? No. Did we have a pretty good season? Yes, with the caveat of two games. In many ways this season was the converse of 2002, with us winning games by offense instead of defense. Did that mean we should ditch everyone involved with the defense and start over? That is crazy talk.



Anonymous said...

I haven't picked a side in the Grantham debate but the D had at least 4 bad games this year (Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Nebraska).

And you can probably add the Kentucky game to that list.

Tyler Dawgden said...

Interesting. I just eyeballed the stats and didn't do analysis. Hard to say Nebraska was, but I'll do something with stats and we'll see.

Anonymous said...

We gave up 443 total yards to Nebraska.

Tyler Dawgden said...

To a team that was averaging 460 ypg. I prefer ypp, since yardage can be deceiving (for example, Nebraska ran 10 more plays against us over their season average). We held them over .6 ypp below their season average.

I can't call that great, but I certainly won't call that bad.

Like I said, I'll do some research and see where we end up.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough. I will add that they played a weak schedule - they were in a weak conference and played OOC games against Southern Miss, UCLA, Arkansas State, and Idaho State. Definitely helped pad their stats.

PatinDC said...

Arrgh. The weak schedule meme. Hate it. Why not comment on AL's weak schedule? They only had two tough games all season and thye lost one and almost lost the other.

Get a new argument.

Anonymous said...


I think you misunderstood the post. It was stating that Nebraska's schedule was weak and padded their stats.

At least I hope you misunderstood it. I can't imagine what point you'd be trying to make otherwise.

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