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February 26, 2013

NFL Prospect Review: Bacarri Rambo

Today's review: Bacarri Rambo

Bacarri Rambo
How did Rambo end up at Georgia?
Bacarri committed in January of his junior year. He has been a Dawg fan his whole life and didn't waste time accepting his scholarship offer.

What did he mean to the Georgia football program?
In a lot of ways, Bacarri has been the heart and soul of Georgia's defense. He always seem to be in the right place to make plays.

What are his strengths?
(Image: Hipple)
Ability to coverage faster receivers and close on the ball in flight. Great field vision and anticipation. Big hitter. Ability to out play a receiver on the ball. As a bonus, he has the skills to play either safety position.

What are his weaknesses?
Lacks catch up speed. Can be too aggressive on pursuit angles.

What made Rambo much better in 2011 with his jump in interception numbers?
He spent the 2011 off season working on his speed and agility. That, plus the change in defensive philosophy from playing the ball to playing the receivers (Todd Grantham re-tooled our coverage schemes when he took over for Willie Martinez) allowed Rambo to utilize his physicality to out play receivers on the ball. That combined with his ability to read the QB and the play made for a pretty good combination.

What made Rambo an All-American for the Bulldogs?
His ball hawking ability and ability to involve himself in nearly every play.

How do you project him at the next level?

He's a near first round talent that teams will hold off on due to his suspensions. He missed the first four games of 2012, reportedly for a second failed drug test. If I had to guess, an team with defensive needs in the early 3rd round will get a steal on him. If he can keep his head on straight and improve his pursuit angles, he could be a pro-bowler.


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