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February 25, 2013

NFL Prospect Review: John Jenkins

Fourth in a series for State of the Texans.

John Jenkins
How did Jenkins end up at Georgia?
Big John came from Gulf Coast Community College to the Dawgs and weighed leaving for the NFL last year.

What did he mean to the Georgia football program?
(Image: Hipple)
When Georgia hired Todd Grantham, the Dawgs desperately needed a big guy to play NG in Grantham's 3-4 scheme. Jenkins struggled early, but grew into that role last year. This year, he has been an effective hole filler in the middle of Georgia's defense.

What are his strengths?
Size. Mobility for size. Tenacity moving to the ball. Speed off the ball.

What are his weaknesses?
Conditioning. Has a tendency to get worked outside of the rush lane when the pocket starts moving.

Is he only a two down player and nose tackle?
That's a tough question. I think it depends on his conditioning. On one hand, he's quick enough to create havoc with read option plays and has the potential to engage multiple blockers allowing speed rushers or blitz packages to be more effective. On the other, he has shown the ability to need some breathers. He has played inside and outside, even lining up on the strong side end from time to time.

Who do you compare his game the most to currently in the NFL?
Casey Hampton for the Steelers. He was Hampton for Alec Ogletree's Lawrence Timmons this season.

How do you project him at the next level?

He's a late first rounder. If he can stay healthy and keep up his conditioning, he could have a long career. He might not start next year, but he'll definitely get plenty of playing time.



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