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February 22, 2013


I am extraordinarily proud to accept the final Weekly Weblogger Challenge award given at Dawg Sports.
While it was a fairly small group of entrants, it was quite a strong one.
I appreciated the fine entries submitted by Bernie, Cherokee’s Grip, IceeDawg, and NCT, but the honors went to Tyler Dawgden, who not only used all five terms from the last Weekly Weblogger Challenge, but also all five terms from the firstWeekly Weblogger Challenge, as well. Add to that an NCT-approved purposeful omission of an Oxford comma and a sly titular reference to the point of origin of the Weekly Weblogger Challenge (and one of the common bonds Tyler and I share), and it became clear who had earned the trophy in a richly deserving field. Congratulations, old friend, and thanks, old friends.
An admission: I'd never entered one before even though I've probably written half a dozen of them over time, some published, some not (don't look, I've sent The Wolf out into the Internet to fix that).

Considering the competition and the judge, I am very proud. And I'm happy I finally got to use the self-referential Oxford comma thing, which I've been holding for some time.



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