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February 8, 2013

Rock the Steg Saturday - Plus FREE Tshirt to first 1000 students

If you are a student and you are in town this week, spend the $2 and go raise hell for the Dawgs. I've been extremely bearish on this team coach, but we've got something cooking right now that could yield dividends for the athletic program and basketball team down the road.  Put simply, the University of Georgia needs you to be loud, rowdy and there Saturday at 5pm.

Tailgate, pre-game, whatever you have to do. Get there and get loud.
There is no reason to stay away. Go by the bookstore and buy a ticket. Buy two and bring a friend/hook up/regular Saturday thing/boyfriend/girlfriend/random. The quality of the basketball has improved. The game will be over in plenty of time to go downtown. Come and celebrate with your fellow Dawgs.



Anonymous said...

Bullish == expecting things to rise

Bearish == expecting things to fall

Did you mean the latter?

Tyler Dawgden said...

Yes and thanks.

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