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February 5, 2013

SEC Hoops Power Poll Ballot

  1. Florida - In the running for a number one seed, but it depends on how they finish out...and how bad the rest of the conference gets.
  2. Kentucky - From 'who are these guys' to a defensive machine. Calipari gonna Calipari.
  3. Ole Miss - Still very much in the tournament, but can't afford to loose too many more games, as their triple digit SOS is just killing them. By the way, that won't get better in the conference.
  4. Missouri - I predict the Tigers will play in Dayton the first week of the NCAA tournament.
  5. Alabama - I predict the Tide will be the first team out of the NCAA conference.
  6. Arkansas - If only all of the Hog's games were at home....
  7. Tennessee - A listless loss to Arkansas has the Volunteers looking for offensive answers.
  8. Georgia - Dawgs could legitimately finish in the top half of the conference and still have a losing record on the season.
  9. Texas A&M - Going backwards faster than a French army tank.
  10. LSU - Showing some fight with back to back wins. Still a punchers chance at making some NIT noise.
  11. Vandy - Is it football season yet?
  12. South Carolina - When your best win is LSU, you've got issues, brother.
  13. Auburn - The only redeeming thing about their season is they finish the season with Mississippi State.
  14. Mississippi State - That 2-0 start in the conference sure was a long time ago.
(Ed. note: Compiled and completed before Florida shit pants themselves against Arkansas Tuesday night)


Anonymous said...

I agree. And we got a 5 star in Isaiah Crowell and where is he now...?

Anonymous said...

Missouri's RPI is 33. They aren't in any kind of trouble.

I agree on Bama - they are in trouble.

Florida, Ole Miss, Kentucky, and Missouri will all be in the dance.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I think Mizzou makes the tourney, but with the loss at LSU, plus 6 of their last 10 on the road to end the season, plus Florida and Ole Miss at home, I think they end up in the upper 40s, lower 50s RPI.

That would put them in the 12 seed play in.

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