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February 14, 2013

Trapeze in Athens makes "Best College Beer Bar" list

Men's Health puts out a list of 'Best  _____" every so often, so eventually an Athens spot was going to end up on there, but I think Trapeze deserves the mention it gets as a "Best College Beer Bar."  I don't always drink beer, but Trapeze has a great list, isn't pretentious, and the half pints at half price thing is genius.

For that matter, Athens is a pretty good beer town. Any place that caters to folks out beyond the late night crowds (nothing wrong with them, but just isn't my scene usually) will have a couple of decent beers around. For a fan of quads, stout, and porter, that makes Athens a cool town to find a beer in when I am that mood.

If you haven't been to Trapeze, stop by. The food is good and inexpensive and the atmosphere is very laid back. It is a fun place to blow an hour or two.

*I didn't get anything for this post from Trapeze, but if they want to slide me a beer or three, I'm not above taking them up on that.


Anonymous said...

I moved from Athens several months ago, and was back in town with my (Southern Baptist) parents taking care of some final cleanup recently. I took them to Trapeze on our way out of town. At first they thought it was an odd choice to visit, but the atmosphere and the sweet potato fries changed their minds. :)

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