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February 13, 2013

UGA Athletic Board News

Hightlights include
  • Coach Richt getting a raise and extension. He's now on through 2017, with a base of $3.2M. That puts him 10th highest in the country.
  • The 'Young Alumni' ticket program will happen. Essentially, as a new graduate of UGA, you will have the option of buying tickets at face value without having to make a Hartman Fund Contribution in your first year. It will be $250 in the second year. I'd heard about this a few weeks ago and think it is genius. I also think 2,000 tickets is about the right place to start.
  • Student athlete grades were up. UGA had 38 members on the fall SEC Honor Roll, more than any other program in the conference.
  • The improvements at Foley Field are done. Now, if the heat will just stay off the gents in Perno's Penthouse....


Anonymous said...

Big fan of the "Young Alumni" program. Unfortunately I'm class of 07 so I will fall just out of the "5 year window".

Still think it's a great idea that will hopefully eliminate some of the empty seats.

David said...

They used to have a Young Alumni program. When I graduated in 2001, my Hartman fees were waived for one year, $250 the second and then full cost after that. Not sure when they stopped that, though.

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