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March 8, 2013

Dawgs shut up Big Blue

Two games in a row where Mark Fox has coached his balls off. Kentucky is definitely a different team without Noel, but Georgia kept them off balance, attacked the Cats where they were weakest and absolutely owned them when we attacked the boards. We shot 16 more FT attempts and hit 17 more of them.

When is the last time you can think of that Kentucky faced a conference opponent and nearly got doubled up on FT attempts? That is the difference in the game.

Dawgs win 72-62.


Standup Section G! said...

Great game. I almost had a heart attack when I arrived 10 min before gametime and the place was empty. Filled in nicely but I still do not understand the empty seats. The attendance last night is what it should be like every home game. SEC games should be completely sold out. That is what it takes to play better, to recruit better. Recruiting better then leads to more winning. It starts with us!!!! Why would KCP come back to play in an empty gym Nov-Jan? Now if it was always a fun atmosphere no matter, then that is a harder decision for him. We must change to get our players to change. Packed houses probably get us over the hump vs Iona, MsU and YSU. See U in Nashville.

Tyler Dawgden said...

They announced a shade over 10K last night. I'd guess there were over 9K. PWD still disagree about the number of UK fans there (I think it was close to 2500, he thinks it was around 50). However, it was a became a great crowd: got loud, appropriately so.

I'll have a post on it, but the Kentucky players talked about the crowd in their post game comments.

Anonymous said...

I definitely think there were over 2K Kentucky fans there.

Fortunately there were a lot fewer in the lower levels than I can remember from some other games. They represented in the upper deck though.

Standup Section G! said...

We did have a great crowd. I just wish that people realize that it should always be that way. If Mark Richt farts in his office, you would have 30 immediate comments on your post about it. Then 30 more blaming it on Bobo. You have had numerous posts on here about Bball and it usually garners 5 commments. I live in ATL and make the drive to the games for 7 years now. It drives me crazy how awesome these last two games have been and the majority UGA fans don't seem to care. 10K on a nightly basis is not that many people for UGA.

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