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March 8, 2013

Profiles in ShadenfreUKe

I took a minute to look over Kyle Tucker's UK blog* for the post game comments from Calipari and his team. If you like to see what it looks like when a team loses a game they 1) absolutely had to win, and 2) absolutely didn't expect to lose; then this is porn.

I’m disappointed in myself more than I am them, because if we’re at this point, what I saw today, I’ve done a crap job with this team.
I called (UGA coach) Mark Fox probably two weeks ago, maybe three weeks ago, and told him what a great job he was doing with his team. I told him, I said, ‘Unbelievable. Your star is being your star. Every other kid is doing what he’s supposed to. You’re defending, playing rough, grinding it out, low turnovers, all the good stuff.’
Archie Goodwin (who fouled out at the end of the game with a team high 20 points) -
We’ve been through so many crowds, packed-out houses, T-shirt nights. The crowd is not a factor.
There is some good stuff there if you want to go read it. There were two things I took away from it. First, Kentucky absolutely expected to come into Stegeman and face a quiet house or a pro-UK crowd. Props to everyone who came that didn't let it be that way. Second, Calipari got outcoached by Fox.

I've been pretty hard on Mark Fox, for good reason. However, he has done a great coaching job down the stretch in game planning and getting his guys to play against teams that have a lot more to play for. Great job.

*If you like to follow other team's beat writers, Kyle is among the best in the SEC.


Anonymous said...

From looking at a few Kentucky message boards I've seen quite a few shocking insults directed at their own team. I know every fan-base has them, but that is pathetic. Your team won the damn NCAA title last year, how about not telling a college athlete to KYA after a loss.

Anyway, I'll say this for Calipari, he has always been very respectful and complimentary toward UGA.

Tyler Dawgden said...

I think Calipari did the best coaching job of his career last year with that team. It is a bit shocking to me to see how his team this year is not playing to the sum of their parts. They are an immensely talented team, but they are still playing like they have never met each other.

UK basketball fans are way more fickle than many fan bases when it comes to basketball. Notoriously so.

DawgfaninKY said...

Being a Georgia fan living in Kentucky the last 14 years, this year's implosion of their team has all been fun as hell to watch for they were all warned about it. Instead of listening, they chose to accuse those doing the warning as drinking the "haterade". UK fans are very good at talking trash when their team is winning. However they are very poor sports when their team loses. Every UK fan is eating a big ol' helping of crow this morning, and it's not going down easy for them. The Florida game is going to seal their NIT fate Saturday. And this Dawg (and Louisville) fan could not be happier!

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