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March 10, 2013

Lady Dawgs...are the Lady Dawgs

Lady Dawgs lead Kentucky at halftime 24-19, then get shut down in the second half. Outscored 36-19 in the second half when Kentucky sells out to stop Jasmine Hassell.  It worked to perfection as Hassell only scored 4 second half points with two and sometimes three Wildcats covering her when she has the ball.

This is why I think the Lady Dawgs will pull a five seed, then lose in the Sweet 16 to whichever of the one seeds they end up against.



Anonymous said...

Whats scary is Matthew Mitchell looks like Andy 2.0. He will have better support than Andy ever did and a far greater culture for basketball. Now that Pat is gone Andy will predictably struggle to keep up with Mitchell. As it is, he can't beat Balcom at Vandy consistently nor anyone at LSU consistently. And I thought his struggles with Miss. St. were because of Sharon Fanning. Turns out MSU simply believes they can beat UGA any time they take the floor. Never mind that they can't beat anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Anne-Marie Armstrong looks worse as a Senior than she did as a Frosh. She was atrocious against UK. Hassell is a gamer, but they will do well to win a game or two in the NCAA tourney.

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