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March 10, 2013

Georgia Sports Blog NCAA Tournament Selection Competition

I am working on a team selection methodology competition for our readers. Whether you use regression analysis, chaos theory, mascot dominance, random number generators, jersey color, sentient turtles, or pull names out of a hat, I'd like to see a demonstration of your selection abilities.

As a bonus, I'm also doing Cinderella pick bonus. You get to select one team seeded 5th or higher. If they win, regardless if you actually pick them to win in your bracket, you get bonus points: First round-1pt, 2nd round-2pts, Sweet 16-3pts, Elite 8-4pts, Final Four-5pts, National Championship-6pts. Essentially, this is a side bonus that has nothing to do with your tournament picks that adds to your final total.

Enter here. I'm working on some sort of award to the entry that has the best display of methodology.



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