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March 11, 2013

It is Spring Break. Do you know where your football team is?

After the past couple of years, you have to wonder, who is going to unknowingly eat pot brownies is rolling dirty through Alabama goes to Key West isn't in a glass box under lock and key. Spring break happens.

We know Murray is in Oklahoma doing Oklahoma drills or whatnot. Based on tweeters, several players are headed home or to less Spring Breaky destinations. We know some are doing Spring Breaky things in Spring Breaky places.

So, will there be another string of suspensions related to Spring Break? I'd be willing to bet on that.

There are those that just don't think it will happen to them, yet it does every year. You could have the coaching staff hold up cups with every player's name on them, but someone is going to Spring Break and is going to do Spring Breaky stuff.

And that comes from the football coaching staff. Not Greg McGarity. Not Mike Adams. Mark Richt and company. That goes double if you have a history.

The real trick is not getting arrested. Coach Richt has shown a willingness to handle business quietly, when it is warranted. Not that he gives many free passes. This ain't Tallahassee Columbia no, the other Columbia Gainesville Tuscaloosa Knoxville. But if someone isn't arrested, a failed drug test might not be known until someone runs their mouth or the season opener in Clemson in August, whichever comes first.

Which, to my great joy, drives some of the beat reporters crazy.


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