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March 9, 2013

NIT talk again? Beat Bama!

A few weeks back, I reviewed Georgia' very, very small NIT chances. Now, after two wins over top-100 RPI teams, we are back in the discussion:
The last six out: Dayton, New Mexico State, Utah State, Georgia, Texas, Illinois State
That is the first time we've gotten any mention of being in consideration from NIT bracketology. I thought in early February that we had to get to 18-13 in the regular season to have a shot. We stand at 15-15, with the game in Tuscaloosa today plus the SEC tournament awaiting. I still think we have to get to 18 wins, at least, to have a shot it. That means winning today, plus winning two in Nashville.

At 18-16, we'd be a possible NIT team. We'd have wins over top-100 RPI teams, including one on the road. We'd be 6-4, including the three SEC games. We can't control who we play in the SEC tourney, but I'm guessing we'll play someone like Vandy or a lower seeded team in the first round. Hopefully, not Vandy since we'll be in Nashvegas. Then we'll get some combination of Missouri/Tennessee/Florida/Ole Miss in the second game.

As I thought in February, we still need to win today, then go deep in Nashville to be assured a spot in the NIT.

Win those first two and look competitive on Saturday in Nashville, we'll have a shot at the NIT. But we have to win today in Tuscaloosa. For the third game in a row, we get to play spoiler to a team with NCAA aspirations. I can see scenarios with us getting to the SEC tourney championship and making it if we lose today, but let's keep the win streak going, right?

Tip is 4pm Athens Standard Time.



Anonymous said...

If not the NIT it may be time to consider the CBI. I think that costs us money. But its been so long since we've had any kind of postseason success. Its just no fun staying home.

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