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March 9, 2013

On Coach Fox scolding the students

Some of you might have noticed my tweet
Just to provide some context. With a 13 point lead at the under 4 minute media time out, KCP goes to the line right in front of the student section. The students, who were finally getting into the game an yelling, start chanting "1 more year! 1 more year!" at KCP as he goes to the line.

Fox lost his shit, ran to the student section and walked over to the student section and started yelling at them asking them what were they doing.

Now, I will grant it wasn't the best time to do so, but it was tantamount to yelling at your child for taking his first steps during church. We had a decent student showing, and they were just starting to get into the flow of the game. The last thing Mark Fox needs to do is yell at folks for getting into the game, even if they are doing it wrong.

The students showed up in decent numbers. They did get into the game, particularly late. I just wanted to put some context to Coach Fox scolding the students. It wasn't the best time for them to start chanting, but at least they were chanting. Finally.



Anonymous said...

Fox is a joke. Without KCP, this roster he constructed would have won 5 or 6 games all year.. As a group, our big men are among the very worst in the country. Good thing for Fox the SEC is as bad as it has been in a very long time. We had a bad record against the better team's in the conference, beating only UT(twice) and UK...and Trae Golden was out for UT in Knoxville and Nerlens Noel was out for UK. We still suck in year 4 of the Fox era and I wouldn't blame KCP one bit for leaving. I'm sure he's tired of having to carry this team each and every game. KCP doesn't owe Fox a thing. On the other hand, Fox owes KCP quite a bit....his job at $1.7 mil per year. That clown is so overpaid it's ridiculous, but to hear him talk, he iwould be doing a great job at UGA if he gets us back to the NCAA tourney by year 6. The only time he's got us there to this point was with Felton's players and we lost in the first round.
Our best crowd until late in the year was when we let thousands of elementary school students in for free. He has generated very little interest in Georgia basketball - we not only aren't winning, but the style of play is boring as hell. We're barely averaging 60 points per game. We NEVER play up-tempo. He would argue that he doesn't have the personnel to do it...well, whose fault is that?! Now he's scolding the crowd for a harmless chant. He does not have the mentality to get UGA to another level. We are wasting our time with him.

JAXDAWG said...

And we will continue to waste time and resources until Greg McGarity and our administration makes a serious commitment to men's bball. We continue to plod through these 2nd-tier coaches while watching the same results, year in and year out. It's called not getting SERIOUS about reaching our potential. We have the talent, support, financial resources, etc - now go make it happen!

Anonymous said...

If you think the administration (the AD, the president, and the Board of Regents) want to spend more money, you're sadly mistaken. If the profit margin is top-5 in the country, they don't see a problem...regardless of the results on the court/field.

It's been that way for years and unless the fans/alumni wake up and demand more, nothing is going to change.

Anonymous said...

We need a coach who can keep kids in state.A real offense would help too.Fox is in no position to scold anyone, he is lucky anyone shows up for his dull brand of losing bb. The ala. game perfectly sums up the mark fox era.

Paul Westerdawg said...

I found it very off putting. The students didn't make much noise after that. Fox couldn't market his way out of a paper sack.

Luckily he can recruit so well he doesn't need to do anything to help sell tickets. #sarcasm

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