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April 29, 2013

Brandon Kublanow dropping truth

Carvell, as a part of his recruiting follow up articles, interviewed UGA signee Brandon Kublanow. In it, Kublanow talks about his recruitment, of course. He also talks about playing against Robert Nkemdiche and what went down with Laremy Tunsil's signing with Ole Miss.

First on Nkemdiche:
  • Funniest story from a recruiting trip? “It was probably have to be seeing Robert Nkemdiche at Clemson. After the state championship game (in 2011, when Grayson beat Walton), I saw him at Clemson.. I had told some people that I had kicked his (butt), which I did. He had read some ESPN article where it said I had kicked his (butt). I guess he wasn’t happy about it. He came up to me with a bunch of his boys, and he was whining about it. He was like ‘I saw the article. That was cute.’ He showed me his state championship ring. I told him to ‘Go back and watch the film.’”
  • Who was the best player you went up against in high school? “Probably Montravius Adams. I thought he was (darn) good. He was strong as heck. Montravius or Carl Lawson.Carl has got a lot of moves. He’s good. And he got a long stronger his senior year.”
Two batches of awesome here. First, calling out Nkemdiche (which I missed) and then backing his words when Nkemdiche tried to flash his ring with 'his boys,' presumably the same ones that ended up at Clemson anyway. Second, then specifically not mentioning Nkemdiche when discussing the best players he went up against, when the question was specifically asked to give him a chance to give Nkemdiche props.  I'm developing a healthy mancrush on him.

Second, on Tunsil:
  • You were also close with Laremy Tunsil? “He had told me he was signing with Georgia. That really (angered) me. That really (angered) a lot of people. He had told me for like a month before signing day – we had talked a lot – that he was coming to Georgia. He had pretty much told Georgia coaches that he was coming. Then a few days before signing day, I got a text saying he was going to Ole Miss and that he has got to do what he’s got to do. Then his phone shut off. I tried to talk to him a lot. I tried to call him a lot. But his phone was off. So, there was nothing you could do. I don’t know what happened. I guess he just fell in love with Ole Miss.” Have you talked to him since signing day? “No, I haven’t.”
I don't have much to comment on about this, but I do have to say I like this (freaking) guy a lot.



Dubbayoo said...

Walkin the walk...put him in, Coach!

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