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April 28, 2013

Dawgs in the NFL Draft - Undrafted Free Agents

On top of the 8 players drafted on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, Georgia had at least six guys sign free agent contracts. These are unconfirmed, based on best available information.

Branden Smith - Tampa
Kwame Geathers - San Diego
Abry Jones - Jacksonville
Christian Robinson - St. Louis
Mike Gilliard - St. Louis
Marlon Brown - Houston

I can't think Kwame ever dreamed he'd be in this group. You only leave as a junior for a few reasons. While anyone at a program like Georgia thinks they have a shot at the NFL, leaving with eligibility left still has to be a pretty sure thing. He was a virtual lock to start 13+ games in 2013.  San Diego's D needed some help, no doubt, but the Chargers will have virtually nothing invested in him, so he'll have to really work to earn it. He has the ability to do so, but not getting drafted has to be a surprise. It was to me.

I think Branden's situation is purely a character concern by teams. He's got the talent to make the Tampa roster. As long as he stays out of trouble, I don't see him getting cut. Tampa just signed a FA from Washington on one side, but still, Tampa was the worst defensive passing team in the league last year. Branden can help. Marlon's going to have to prove he's over the ACL tear to have a shot. His physicality gives him the chance to make a team. Abry is a bit of a mystery. He looked like he had all conference or better potential moving forward after his 2011 campaign. 2012, before the ankle injury, he didn't look as quick or powerful. If he gets back to 2011 form, he'll make the team in Jacksonville, who could use the help. 

Then there is Robinson and Gilliard. I love both of these guys.



heyberto said...

If he wants to remain in Football, I think Christian Robinson may have a future in coaching, particularly in college.. He's got a good head on his shoulders, he was a great leader in the locker room, and he was a hard worker. The rest is just x's and o's. I hope he's able to do something in the NFL, if hts what he wants, but when he's done it wouldn't surprise me to see him come back somewhere as a grad assistant, staff member, or assistant coach. I wish all these guys the best and appreciate the hard work they gave us. DGDs, all of 'em!

Anonymous said...

What about Richard Samuel?

Unknown said...

RE: Branden

He's just not much of a CB. If he has the hands to play WR, he has a shot to jump over via special teams.

But he just didn't work had at his craft and got passed by Cummings who worked his tail off.

Tony Waller said...

I haven't heard anyone signing Samuel yet. I'd be surprised if he didn't at least get a look after his Pro Day, though.

Anonymous said...

samuel has been invited to try out for the falcons. no contract.

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