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April 28, 2013

Dawgs in the NFL draft - Rounds 4-7

Four more Dawgs selected in the later rounds:

Sanders Commings - 5th Round (134th pick) by Kansas City
Tavarres King - 5th Round (166th pick) by Denver
Cornelius Washington - 6th Round (188th pick) by Chicago
Bacarri Rambo - 6th Round (191st pick) by Washington

I'm honestly shocked Bacarri fell to the 6th round; teams must have been pretty concerned about his suspensions and such. I think Washington got the steal of the draft there. Denver is looking for play makers for Manning to throw to, so King gets a chance to show his senior season's increase in production was the real deal.

I'll look at the undrafted free agents a bit later today.


Anonymous said...

Take out the blocked field goal against Bama (it's not like Sailors is considered an NFL player because of special teams) and name me the most impressive Cornelius Washington play of the last three years.

I won't hold my breath - there are none.

He's a faster Brandon Miller.

WESPN -TV said...

They say Bacarri was a hard hitter back in college and his reputation marked him 16 interceptions and 235 tackles in four seasons at Georgia. So yeah its shocking as to why he fell on the 6th round, sort of disappointing though.

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