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April 27, 2013

Dawgs in the NFL draft - First three rounds

First three rounds are in the books. I'm not a fan of the format. I get that it makes for great interesting April methadone TV for NFL fans, but I just don't like making these players wait. I mean Geno Smith sat in a room at Radio City Music Hall with a Manti freaking Te'o got drafted before me look on his face for 24 hours. At least I imagine he did.

So four Dawgs have gone in the draft:

Jarvis Jones - 1st Round (17th pick) by Pittsburgh
Alec Ogletree - 1st Round (30th pick) by St. Louis
John Jenkins - 3rd Round (82nd pick) by New Orleans
Shawn Williams - 3rd Rond (84th pick) by Cincinnati

With rounds four through seven to go, I'd think three more, and as many as five more will be picked. For my money, Kwame is the next off the board.



Dubbayoo said...

Comment on juniors that don't get picked like Kwame? Should have stayed or should have a chance to go if they have no agent?

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