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April 14, 2013

Diamond Dawgs Update

The Dawgs won one of three on the road this weekend in Auburn. If you are keeping score at home, that is 3-12 in the conference and 13-24 overall.

SEC Standings:

Vanderbilt13 - 1.92932 - 4.88923-29-20-0W13
South Carolina8 - 7.53327 - 10.73019-58-30-2L3
Florida8 - 7.53319 - 18.51414-135-40-1W5
Kentucky7 - 7.50024 - 10.70616-55-43-1L1
Tennessee4 - 10.28615 - 18.45510-74-91-2W1
Missouri4 - 10.28612 - 19.3878-74-110-1L2
Georgia3 - 12.20013 - 24.3518-145-100-0W1
LSU12 - 2.85733 - 3.91724-18-21-0L1
Arkansas9 - 5.64325 - 11.69419-65-10-4W1
Alabama8 - 6.57122 - 15.59514-68-70-2W1
Mississippi St.7 - 7.50029 - 9.76322-55-42-0W3
Ole Miss6 - 8.42925 - 10.71417-68-30-1W2
Texas A&M6 - 8.42921 - 15.58316-73-61-2L2
Auburn5 - 10.33322 - 14.61117-93-52-0L1

With Vandy (at Foley), Arkansas (at Foley), at Tennessee, at South Carolina, and Flordia (at Foley) still coming, the Dawgs will need a miracle to sneak into the top 12 teams and play in the SEC tournament. The damning part is that we only one one of three last weekend against Missouri and one this weekend against Auburn, which will be the two teams we'll need to move past. We have played the easy half of the SEC schedule. Absent a miracle, we will be mathematically eliminated from going to Hoover before May.



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