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April 5, 2013

UGA Tour Dates and Locations Announced

Coach Richt, Coach Fox, and university administrators hit up various cities around the Southeast. In total there will be 12 destinations including stops in Dallas, Tex.; Nashville, Tenn.; Chattanooga, Tenn.; and Jacksonville, Fla.

April 11: UGA Day in Dallas-Fort Worth

April 18: UGA Day in Macon

April 23: UGA Day in Jacksonville

April 24: UGA Day in Tifton

May 7: UGA Day in Chattanooga

May 8: UGA Day in Nashville

May 9: UGA Day in Augusta

May 15: UGA Day in Atlanta

May 22: UGA Day in Statesboro

May 23: UGA Day in Savannah

July 29: UGA Day in Gwinnett County

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