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April 5, 2013

Quayvon Hicks, come on down

I was looking back at some old pictures of guys from last year's recruiting class when I came across this

From @Radinabulsi
That is Quayvon Hicks from last summer around the start of Fall practice. Now check out the picture from Weiszer's article on the Pierce County native earlier this week:

I have to admit, I was surprised Hicks didn't get more of a look later in the season, but with the way Richard Samuel picked it up, I don't think Hicks would have seen much action even if he hadn't been out for the Florida game. Now, Hicks is getting praise from Richt for doing the one thing that gets you the most playing time as a back in his offense:
“You don’t read any stats about him, but just playing some fullback (Friday), he picked up a blitz and just did it with enthusiasm," Richt said.
The reason I thought Hicks would get more playing time is his hands. He played TE in high school in a Wing-T offense. He can catch. Don't be surprised to see plays in the fall that leverage his size and that ability some. If he becomes a great blocker to go with that, fogetaboutit. Hall will likely start, absent an injury, but Hicks will see plenty of playing time.



PatinDC said...


Tyler Dawgden said...

I know, right? The difference in one year is quite noticeable. He's running more upright and centered, he's got much more definition, and he is definitely more solid.

Anonymous said...

Of course, he's also wearing pads in that second pic and not in the first. That might add to the illusion a bit.

Gerrard said...


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