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May 9, 2013

Diaz taking the very high road

Georgia tennis coach Manny Diaz is handling having his top player leave the team the week the NCAA championships start very well. You can read between the lines plenty. Trust me, I have. Anyway, there is a pretty compelling story here for the Dawgs if they actually win the NCAA championships.

Now, I encourage Singh to take the very high road in the future when he is asked about it. I believe he owes that to Coach Diaz.



Hunkering Hank said...

Elitist, sissified quitter.

Good riddance.

Diaz, you're a damn good DAWG.


Anonymous said...

He took 28 hours this semester? Is that right? A full load is 12-15. That's gotta be a mistake, right?

But if that's accurate, it shouldn't be a surprise at all that he got burnt out.

Tyler Dawgden said...

28 seems high to me, too. I have to think some of those are courses he's taking online or via projects.

However, I don't think burnout is his specific issue. I think he gets a U in 'Plays well with others.'

Anonymous said...

I don't know that it's as simple as that. You can almost get a 4 year degree in 4 semesters taking 28 hours a semester (you would come up just 8 hours short). Then try playing college tennis at the highest level on top of it.

Why in the world was he taking that many hours during the spring semester (the busiest semester for the tennis team)?

Dawg in Beaumont said...

I'm guessing that is a typo in Athens Banner Herald. I'm guessing that is intended to say "18" instead of "28".

Anonymous said...

Singh is obviously a jerk and not.a team player(I'm sure Illinois would say the same thing), but UGA has no shot to win the title without him. UVA and UCLA are the two best teams even when we had Singh. Without him, we will do well to make the quarterfinals.

Anonymous said...

I thought Diaz was wrong by not even listening to the letter the kid wrote. That put me on the kid's side and I hate Indians...sorry but I work with a ton of them in IT and they hard to deal with, very pushy.

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