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May 8, 2013

Matthew Thomas - Word on the street

I'm not much for word on the street stuff. For one, my street is fairly far from town. For two, unless you are hearing it from the actual person involved, there is always agenda. That being said, I feel pretty good about Matthew Thomas coming to UGA. As you might know, he was one of the top three OLB in the Feb signing class, and he ended up committing to FSU, propelling FSU's signing class to a top ten ranking.

Now he wants out. He is reportedly looking at Southern Cal and Georgia. He signed with FSU, at his mom's urging. Miami thought he was a sure thing until Al Golden pulled one of his best friend's scholarship offer in January. Even if he would get past that, he'd have a mandatory two year sit out per ACC rules.

His mom wants him closer to home than farther. Plus, mom still likes UGA more than Southern Cal (or still doesn't trust the coaching staff at SC; this is the word on the street stuff I was talking about), and Thomas isn't going to go against her this time either. Unless another school gets into the mix, he'll come to Georgia....if FSU releases him from the LOI, which they don't have to do.

I haven't spent a lot of time digging into the scenarios if they don't, but I'll do so tonight. However, I do think he comes to play for Georgia, eventually.


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