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May 26, 2013

Georgia Athletics FAIL

Not cool cancelling Football 101. Easily one of the best things UGA football does to help engage the ladies and get them on board. I realize June is when the summer camps/recruiting heats up, but a few hours on Saturday isn't that much when you consider the very good will built by having that kind of access to future players moms, sisters and cousins. And my wife.

I guess without Rodney Garner around to get outrun to the endzone on a pick, there was no reason to hold it.



Anonymous said...

In full agreement, TD. I participated in the last three events and always looked forward to it. Such a fun event, and it raised a great deal of money for ladies athletics. The ladies who participated were/are diehard Dawg fans and we were all extremely disappointed by the decision not to hold the camp this year.

PatinDC said...

Not really breaking news here. The ladies got the bad news several months ago. I had it on my schedule for this year, but not to be.

In the letter, the reason for canceling was to allow the team and coaches to focus on the tough early schedule, particularly the Clemson game.

I hope it comes back next year. I have only been once, and have been waiting for another chance to go!

Aladawg said...

Something very screwy happened with this. I take care of my wife's and the 3 daughter's registration. We started asking in October and kept getting put off until the "one less week" statement came out. Obviously the wife and daughter's were very disappointed. The loss of "Goodwill" is significant, especially with the delays in answering the questions. Coach Richt also cancelled his Nashville,TN visit and we got no communication about the cancellation. I followed up to see if any changes had occurred and luckily found out late that he cancelled. Since we are 2.5 hours away, seeing Grantham was not what we paid for so we cancelled. This is feeling like the Obama cloak and puke situation of not sharing the truth and that concerns me. We love our program and Coach Richt, but it's easy to begin questioning if something is going on behind the scenes. Do you know of anything?

Tyler Dawgden said...


I knew it was cancelled a long time ago, but The Wife started grousing about it...again...the other day, thus the post.

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