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June 1, 2013

Is Georgia about to make a baseball hire?

Looks like Dasher's airport time might be paying off.
Looking over Stricklin's resume, a few things jump out:
  • At Kent State, he is out recruiting much higher profile programs. His teams are all Ohio and Western Pennsylvania kids, so he competes with several B1.5G teams and ACC Big East teams. 
  • His time at Georgia Tech was productive. As recruiting coordinator, he did a great job bringing in top rated classes, including convincing Tyler Greene to forgo 2nd round money from the Braves to sign with Tech. He got his coaching start under Danny Hall at Tech and played for Hall when Hall was at Kent State.
  • His teams at Kent state do extremely well in the classroom, scoring perfect in the APR the past three seasons.
  • He loves aggression on the base paths. He loves disciplined hitting. He loves fundamental defense. He gets his teams to do all three consistently.
  • His staff looks pretty impressive. IF it is Stricklin, I hope there is some way he can talk his pitching coach into coming with him.
Overall, I think I'd be good with this hire. Are there other guys I think we should be focusing on, as well? Absolutely. I've heard a few names that would excite me more. However, Stricklin has the potential to be a very long term hire, with a proven record of producing quality baseball. 


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