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June 13, 2013

Georgia's Conference Record since 2006

I have to ask: Where are all the people who were clamoring for Coach Richt's head by quoting Florida fanesque stats such as Georgia ain't beat an SEC team with a winning November record since 2006?

Since I'm bored, I took a look at Georgia's record since the last SEC title and here is where we are against the conference (records include SECCG results):

SEC West Conf. Record Vs. UGA
Alabama 44-16 2-1
Arkansas 30-27 1-1
Auburn 29-28 1-6
LSU 42-17 2-1
Mississippi 15-41 0-4
MSU 20-36 1-2
Texas A&M 6-2 0-1*
* I counted the Independence Bowl from 2009

Looks fairly normal, considering the SEC West has five national championships in those seven seasons and LSU lost the national championship game after beating Georgia in the SEC championship game. Of the seven wins the West has over Georgia, three came from teams that won or competed for the National Championship (Alabama, LSU and Auburn).

Georgia is still 16-7 against the West in that time.

SEC EastConf. RecordVs. UGA
South Carolina30-274-3

Now, if you want trends, Georgia going 6-8 against Florida and South Carolina is a concern, although two of those years, Florida won the national championship and in a third year, their only loss was in the SEC Championship to National Champion Alabama. The 3-4 against South Carolina, well....that sucks.

Georgia is 22-14 against the East in this time period.

Georgia was 37-21 in the conference during this time span, 4th behind 'Bama, Florida, and LSU, not counting Texas A&M's 6-2. Against teams with winning conference records, Georgia is 15-14. By comparison, Alabama is 19-12, LSU is 22-14, and Florida is 16-13. These are the only schools above .500 against the teams with winning records in the conference. South Carolina is 9-21 against teams with winning conference records, with four of those wins coming against Georgia.

Don't really know what it all adds up to, but it is interesting to see where we stand vis a vis the rest of the conference.


Anonymous said...

That record isn't bad. But it's not great either. Florida, LSU, and Alabama have simply been better in big games than UGA, and they are less prone to being upset by a team they should beat. I'm disappointed by that but not ashamed as I acknowledge that those programs are great. What is scary is that while not great, South Carolina is looking as if it may become more consistent than UGA. That should scare you.

You also have to qualify this info. with the fact that Tennessee has collapsed, yet we only have a 4-3 record vs. them? How many times has Tennessee beaten AL, LSU, and FL during this time? Great programs NEVER lose to a program in disaray like TN. And they certainly don't lose to MSU and UK as we have.

We've eaten AU's lunch. But of the Tiger teams we've beaten, how many weren't much better than marginal bowl teams?

UGA has to get better at winning big games. And it must get back into an era of long, uniterrupted win streaks particularly vs. east teams like UK and Vandy. If not, nothing will ever get better. In fact, chances are things will get worse because Auburn and Tennessee will eventually right their ships.

Again, we're not bad. A lot of programs want to be where we are. But I think its fair to ask if we're developing players like we should. And why are we getting so few 5 star players compared to the teams we're trying to catch?

UGA is notoriously spendthrift. I'm not sure if that's a bad thing. But are we getting what we're paying for?

These things wouldn't matter so much if multiple other SEC programs weren't winning titles and garnering more respect. UGA is a group unto itself. Definitely better off than AU, TN, Ole Miss, etc. But it clearly doesn't belong with UF, LSU, or AL.

How satisfied are we? I'm struggling with that answer myself.

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