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June 19, 2013

NBA Finals

I don't follow the NBA much. I just don't get excited about pro basketball for a lot of reasons. However, because I am a sucker for pop-culture references, and I generally care about the larger world of
sports, I am paying a bit of attention to the Finals.

Last night I watched Game 6 with some very knowledgeable and devoted NBA fans. I now get the NBA. For too long, I have tried to view the NBA as the next level of college basketball, much like I do with the NFL, and to a lesser extend MLB.

I've been doing it wrong. So here is my theory:


Actually, it is more like WCW, but with a bit more amorphous idea of who is a heel. That is the only way I can view this game from now on. And it actually makes watching the NBA more fun. There might be more pure athleticism, a bit less showmanship, and less scripting in the NBA, but it is more entertainment than sport.

Now, if they will get Tony Schivane to be the lead announcer and move all the matches to Monday night....

A boy can dream, right?



Anonymous said...

totally agree. I made the exact same comparison.

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