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June 18, 2013

WSJ: Hotel rates rise on game weekends in the SEC

In other news, the sun came up today.

There is nothing too earth shattering here, but they did note that the average SEC fan stays in town longer than the average Big 12 fan did.
Just eyeballing this, it isn't hard to see the teams that did well in 2012, Auburn excepted. The article noted how small the bump is for Vandy, but of all the schools on the list, Vandy has the largest number of hotel rooms with the smallest stadium in the conference. Metro Nashville has approximately 36,000 hotel rooms. Vanderbilt stadium holds just a little over 10000* so that isn't hard math. I'd venture Lexington is second in the conference for number of rooms, what with the all the horse stuff going on there.

And who wants to stay in Columbia, South Carolina?

Pretty interesting chart when you start thinking about road trips. They even hit on those fans that just head to games for the tailgates.


*I might have rounded down


Anonymous said...

They don't take into account that at least at UGA, most of the decent hotels, have at least a 2 night minimum.

Tyler Dawgden said...

They mention the two night minimum at College Station. Based on my unscientific studies, the only places that don't require two nights are Nashville, Lexington, and both Columbias.

Anonymous said...

"Rounded Down"? When More U Conn fans show than Vandy fans, it's not much of a Home Field advantage.

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